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Maix Vending Ltd
Maix Vending Ltd

Hi, we're Maix Vending Ltd

Maix Vending Ltd is a vending company based in Newent, Gloucestershire. We cover all local areas including Gloucester, Worcester, Hereford, South Wales, Bristol and Birmingham.

We first started trading in October 1998 with just one employee. Since then we have developed into a family run business with over 100 years of vending experience between us. We can cater for most needs whether that is for Incup drinks, Bean to Cup, Roast and Ground, Snacks, Cold Drinks or even just machine repairs.

We also have an online shop for product orders. We try our best to ship orders same day if ordered before 12pm. These are sent out on a next day service if we can’t deliver ourselves.

As a vending company, our business operates vending machines to dispense a variety of products to consumers. These machines are commonly found in various locations such as office buildings, schools, airports, train stations, shopping centres, and other high-traffic areas. The main concept behind a vending company is to provide convenient and quick access to snacks, beverages, and other goods without the need for a traditional retail setting.

Here are some key components and aspects typically associated with a vending company:

  1. Vending Machines: The company owns and maintains vending machines that are strategically placed in locations with high foot traffic. These machines can vary in size and type, accommodating different products.

  2. Product Variety: Maix Vending offer a diverse range of products, including snacks, beverages, and even non-food items like toiletries or electronics, depending on the type of machines we operate.

  3. Restocking and Maintenance: Regularly restocking the vending machines with fresh products is essential to meet customer demand. Maintenance activities involve ensuring machines are in working order, addressing malfunctions, and keeping them clean and presentable.

  4. Payment Systems: Our vending machines typically accept various forms of payment, including coins, credit/debit cards, and mobile payments, making transactions convenient for customers.

  5. Technology Integration: We incorporate technology to enhance our operations, such as cashless payment options, telemetry systems for real-time monitoring, and even smart vending machines equipped with touchscreen interfaces.

  6. Customer Service: Providing good customer service is crucial for us. This includes addressing customer complaints, ensuring machines are well-maintained, and optimizing product offerings based on customer preferences.

  7. Inventory Management: Efficient inventory management is also important to prevent stockouts or expired products. We use software solutions to track inventory levels and automate reordering processes.

  8. Sustainability Initiatives: We are adopting sustainable practices, such as Solar Panels on our warehouses, energy-efficient machines, and recycling programs to minimize our environmental impact.

Overall, as a vending company, we play a role in making products readily available to consumers in high-traffic areas, offering convenience and accessibility.